How Self Pack Works

Step 1) Just Pack Removals offer both 20ft or 40ft Shipping Containers for Your Self Pack Move! We deliver one of the two size units to the required delivery address for your Self Pack Removal

Step 2)  Just Pack Removals provide you with full flexibility, meaning.. you pack your container at your leisure. Once you are ready for the container to be collected and relocated to your new home, you just need to call our friendly team on 1300 483 111 to book your pick up.

Step 3) Just Pack Removals take your container to nearest rail terminal for the relocation interstate. However, at this point of the pick up if you require our facilities for on site storage, your container will be delivered to the nearest depot, until the date required for the move.

Step 4) Interstate rail transit can vary slightly in its lead times, however it is approximately 4-5 business days from rail to rail. Once your container has landed at the opposite end in rail, our Operations will organise the collection from rail, and delivery to your final destination.

Step 5) Once your Loaded Just Pack Removals Container has been delivered to the final location, we will again provide you with full flexibility for unloading your container at your leisure. Once you have completed the unloading, and you wish for us to collect the container, just let us know and we will arrange collection for you within 3 business days from your request.