Trucking Types

When arranging your Just Pack Removals Self Pack Container, it is important that you have considered the right truck type for your Self Pack removal. Just Pack Removals want to provide our customers with accurate information, and ensure you have a perfect understanding of what we need for delivery to be completed effectively!

Below are several trucking types, Just Pack Removals use day to day for all of our Self Pack Removals. Just Pack Removals offer a few different transport methods for your Self Pack Removals.



A Tilt Tray is primarily used for the transport of 20ft Shipping Containers.

A Tilt Tray is approximately the same size of a Tow Truck, and has the capability of offloading and loading the container from the rear of the vehicle. For the collection of your loaded container the tilt tray is tilted at ground level, and the container is winched forwards on the tray.

A Tilt Tray will slide your 6 m (20 ft) Shipping Container from the rear of the truck and drive forward. We require a minimum overhead clearance for your container and tilt tray delivery of 4.8 m height. Being a smaller vehicle, tilt trays can deliver to most suburban, and city locations. For access into your property, we require a minimum width of 3 m. In order to complete the delivery of your container, we will also require a length of 18 m, allowing the container to come from the back of the truck, and the truck to drive forward whilst offloading. For the collection of your loaded container the tilt tray is tilted at ground level, and the container is winched forwards on the tray.



Super Tilts or Tilt Semi is usually used for the collection of 40’ (12 m) Shipping Containers. The Super Tilt works in similar method to a normal tilt tray. On delivery of a 12 m Shipping Container they slide the shipping container from the rear of the tray, and slide it off the truck whilst driving forward to allow for the unit to be placed in the spot the truck was.

Super Tilt Trays have a maximum tray length of 14 m. They allow for a max weight of 18 tonne (12 m Shipping Containers weight 3.5 T, so this does allow for a high capacity of storage before you would be required to look into alternate transport methods. Super Tilt Trays will require a minimum entry width of 3 m – 3.5 m onto your property.

An example of a Super Tilt Tray being required, is if a 12m Shipping Container is required is when a shipping container can be placed in between a garage (or house) and the tool shed. It has to go directly in between these two buildings though, and there wouldn’t be access for a truck to come in and lift it from the side, this is when a super tilt is the perfect method for delivery.



Side Loaders are the size of a semi-trailer, and primarily used for the transportation of empty 12 m Shipping Containers, and loaded 6 m and 12 m Containers in Australia. They are the ideal transport option for heavy containers, local and long distance transit.  A Side Loader offloads a shipping container directly off the driver’s side of the cabin. It has 2 small hand cranes that enable him to lift the unit directly on the right hand side of the truck. These hand cranes will require about 6 m in height for clearance, please keep this in mind.  When using a side loader to transport your goods, this is a great option as rather than tipping from a tilt tray, you are simply lifting the container off the tray, and into its location.

You will need to ensure you have sufficient access for this size vehicle.  Clearance of any trees, branches and possibly powerlines should be inspected as side loaders require a clearance height of approximately 4.2 m.  A Side loader also requires a clearance of 3 m width and 15 m length minimum.



Hi-ab trucks have a small hand crane attached to the back of the cabin. They are a popular removal option for empty transport from the depot to your property should you require long-term placement in a particular location, which may be of difficulty for a tilt truck to access. Some of these obstructed areas might include small fences, retaining walls, and residential locations where a tilt trays abilities to offload are not suitable due to a smaller driveway, or street. If you are considering a hi-ab truck, it would be a great option to take some photos of your property and the proposed container location. We will then be able to answer whether this is the best method of delivery and collection for you.



It is imperative that prior to the delivery of your container to all of its required destinations, that you have considered to correct door orientation which your self pack container is to be loaded on the truck.  

The container doors are loaded to the front of the truck, if the delivery is going to be via tilt tray, and the container is going in your drive way, you will need to consider if you wish to have the double container doors facing the street (doors to CABIN) or your house (doors to REAR) Our experts know the importance of this, so we will double check with you prior to proceeding with the delivery of your self pack unit.



Just Pack Removals are Australia’s leading Self Pack Removals company. We pride ourselves on our competitive prices, and arranging your interstate removal by rail.  This allows us to supply you with these fantastic rates.  Rail terminals can hold your container a day or so, on either end, when required, if you are hoping to meet the container at the new house or business. Not only is interstate rail cost effective, it is a fast turn-around time service, which enables Just Pack to have your goods to their new home within a short time frame for you.

Should you require any additional storage, we can provide this too. Just Pack Removals offer Australia-wide onsite storage for your container. Once you are ready to accept delivery of your goods, we will then organise a truck to send your container to your new home.



Prior to delivery, Just Pack Removals require confirmation that the proposed location of your container will be a reasonably flat area. We also require that the grounds are dry, to ensure there is no risk of our drivers being bogged onsite. Should the weather be of concern before delivery, just give us a call. We are happy to reschedule.

If you are looking to rise the container off the ground, we can recommend using sleepers, a concrete pad or some old tyres for the grounds should you wish to elevate the container.

Safety is Just Packs Removals primary focus. To ensure a smooth delivery takes place on the day, please also consider any overhanging trees and branches, any powerlines, and or any other obstructions for your delivery. If you aren’t sure, don’t hesitate to call us. We are very experienced in determining the best outcome for both our customers and our drivers when any obstructions on site are of concern!



Just Pack Removals also provide interstate removals for our customers with existing Shipping Containers. If you are looking at a local movement, we can arrange a tilt tray or sideloader to relocate your Shipping Container to its destination.

If you are moving interstate, Just Pack Removals are happy to arrange the relocation of your goods from point a to point b. We do require your container to be either within certification for rail transit, or you to be happy for us to arrange the certification for you. This would require the container being inspected and certified by our surveyors.