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Just Pack Removals supply 6 m (20 foot) and 12 m (40 foot) Shipping Containers readily available for you to start loading.  We have standard height containers, which are 8 foot 6 in height, and high cube containers that are an additional foot in storage space at 9 foot 6 in height.

All containers will be 2.44 m in width, however they come in different lengths and heights. A 20 Foot Container will primarily store a 3 Bedroom home, whilst the 40 Foot shipping container will store a 4 bedroom + in size home. Although you may have a smaller home, you still need to consider furniture, boxes, maybe a car, or even a few dirt bikes depending on your hobbies. Therefore it is important to discuss how much equipment you are looking to store in your secured shipping container with our team. We can guide you for the right size container to the best of our abilities, with the experience our sales team have within home removal industry.